The only real power presidents have is the power to persuade. Explain Neustadt’s view

Constitution gives the president uncountable powers to use. But the president cannot use his power to command his people because it shows his weakness of his powers. The only real power the president has that he can persuade and bargain to the people of the authorities and makes the changes which he wants to change. The United States Government follows the new constitution where it shapes and divides the powers of the nation in between three branches.

The system of ‘checks and balances’ make these branches to depend on each other. Each branch needs the favor of the other branches to do and complete something. President is the most important power source in the United States Government.  Here, the president can veto and bargain to stop or to continue the progress of anything he wants. He can influence others by persuading them. In this nation, each president has a good public reputation which can be useful for them to persuade others. The president can bargain with the congress or the executive branch people to do something or to influence any policy. By the way, they also need the president to do certain things.

So, the most important thing is, no one has the power to dominate on others. Even though the president who is known to be the most powerful person of this nation in the eyes of the world. But he cannot use his power recklessly. He has to think before to do something. He has only the power to persuade which he can use anytime as necessary.


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