Do Americans Deserve The Government They Have?

America is one of the best countries in the world because of its unique Constitution. A good Constitution can provide a right government to a nation. The history of the United States was not so nice, the nation came across so many obstacles to get freedom and bring peace to the people. The federal government of United States was created in 1789 with the first President George Washington under the new Constitution. The government played a very important rule to make sure that the nation is running in a system. Without a government we cannot think of a nation. The United States government and its Constitution always make the right choice to improve the nation’s circumferences.

The amendments and the branches of the government were created to protect this nation. James Madison wrote the first ten amendments (the bill of rights) to make sure that the Americans get their freedom and rights equally. He created the system of checks and balances to make sure that every branches of the government can use their power equally and no one gets more powerful. The laws were made by this “checks and balances” system. The legislative branch created the bill and sent it to the President to sign and confirm it to become a law. If the president denied the bill then it was returned to the pavilion with the President’s veto. If the legislative branch wanted to pass the bill, they could override the President’s veto by the majority votes. The total system of United States government was created to run this nation in a proper way.

The 15th amendment to the Constitution made the change of right to vote for all of the people with any color or any race. It took a longtime to make the change in all over the nation. Now people from different color or different race can vote without any obligation. If we look back to the Supreme Court cases, we can find that how it worked to improve the laws, rules and regulations. In 1896, the Supreme Court decided that schools can be separated by color and race but they must be treated equally. But the separated schools were not equal. So the National Association for the Advancement of colored people opposed that ruling later on. For that reason, in 1958, the Supreme Court changed their decision and declared that “separate schools are inherently unequal.”

The government always works for the people of the nation. Sometime it makes wrong decisions and tries to solve them as soon as possible to make sure that the wrong decisions do not harm the nation and its people. Only a proper government can make the changes to make sure that they are in a right way. If we minimize our own bias and look forward to the Constitution and all of its functions, we can say that Americans deserve the government they have.


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