Detail 2 ways interest groups influence the policymaking process

Interest groups influence the policymaking process in various ways. One of the most common ways is by lobbying the government. The process of lobbying is expensive because interest groups have to hire representatives to lobby on behalf of their interests. Successful lobbyists use their own interpretation of data and arguments to support their group’s interests and they are honest and transparent on their information sources. Because information is the key to get succeed in lobbying. There is no other good way in lobbying to support a group’s interest without providing correct and true information.

There is another way to influence the policymaking process which is by creating public pressure. Interest groups launch public relation campaigns to make people convince that they are approaching to the right point and their success is the people’s success. Some interest groups write letters, make phone calls, and create billboards on behalf of their policymaking process. So, people will support their policy and they will select the representative on their side to get the policymaking process done.

Eventually, from all possible ways to influence the policymaking process, lobbyists have the most influence to make the policy approved by the government. Their hard works and critical approaches help the interest groups to win their desired goals. Without lobbyists it could be impossible for the interest groups to influence the policymaking process.


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