David Mayhew claims that congressmen are single-minded seekers of reelection; toward this end they constantly engage in credit-claiming, advertising, and position-taking. Discuss the validity of Mayhew’s view by citing specific evidence that your assigned congressman engaged in these activities

Congressman Tim Bishop is the U.S. representative for New York’s first congressional district. To validate Mayhew’s view, first we have check Bishop’s engagement in credit claiming in particular politics. If we see the latest news on his website, there is an article says that he recognized foe advocacy on behalf of Long Island Farmers. This is a credit claiming approach. Then we need to check his advertising activities. If we check the news and media section in his website, we will find name and picture everywhere. Mayhew’s advertising view is matched with Bishop’s idea and media advertising.

Finally we need to check his position taking activities like giving an outstanding speech to get a popular position rather than to change a policy. There is an article says, Bishop, Miller take action to give millions of Americans a raise. Here, both congressmen work on behalf of the people but their main goal is to achieve a position.

Overall, Mayhew’s view is accurate and applies to all the congressmen. The is nothing wrong to be single-minded seekers as long as the congressmen work on behalf of the people and fulfill the promises that they make with the people.


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