According to Federalist #10 society is better off with lot more factions than with a lot fewer factions: Explain

In federalist #10, James Madison wrote about factions. Factions create problems and make walls to the progress of the nation. Madison feared about the factions that how they would work for the development of the nation. He developed an idea to control the factions or break them in parts so no one get stronger. He knew that there is no way to remove the factions. If a faction removes for any reason, there will be a new one after the old one. So, Madison realized that fact and favored for a large nation with a lot of factions.

If the nation has a few numbers of factions then each of them wants to get the leading position. They will fight each other. Eventually no one get the right position. In this point, Madison thought that if there is a lot more factions holds together and develops a nation then there will be no problem that the few factions had. With this idea no get the chance to dominate on others.

Madison brought the idea of controlling the factions by controlling their effects and their reasons of becoming aggressive and violent. Only a big nation with a lot of factions can handle these effects with the help of the central government. The nation we are living right now, it became possible for the person like Madison. Madison’s insight about the future of the nation with the factions was not easy to plot in that time. After all, founders got the nation in the shape they wanted to become with great compromises. Madison was right on his point and it is proved.


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