POL 103

According to Federalist #10 society is better off with lot more factions than with a lot fewer factions: Explain

American Immigration

Analysis and Explication: Presidential Power

Analysis and Explication: Who Judges the Law?

David Mayhew claims that congressmen are single-minded seekers of reelection; toward this end they constantly engage in credit-claiming, advertising, and position-taking. Discuss the validity of Mayhew’s view by citing specific evidence that your assigned congressman engaged in these activities

Detail 2 ways interest groups influence the policymaking process

Detail 3 reasons for the 1787 Constitutional Convention

Do Americans Deserve The Government They Have?

Explain the concept of an “iron triangle,” and detail an example

Explain the origin, significance, and impact of the New Jersey Plan

Pluralists claim that all segments of society can exercise influence: Explain

Politics of Federalism

Schlesinger says the imperial presidency is a shift in the constitutional balance of power from the legislative to the executive branch. Discuss two factors responsible for this shift

Should Americans Know Everything Their Government Is Doing In Their Name?

The only real power presidents have is the power to persuade. Explain Neustadt’s view

War and Diplomacy

Who Is a Person?

“Ambition will be made to counteract ambition.” What did Madison mean by these words?


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