Response: The House on Mango Street

The name of the story “The house on Mango Street” describes a lot of things about it. This is a story about a twentieth century’s middle class family where they move one place to another constantly. Every time they move to a new place they welcome a new member in the family. Before they used to live in a flat in Loomis. The house was too old and the water supply line was broken. They had to use their neighbor’s restroom and carry water for household works.

Sandra Cisneros, the writer of this story specifies the main character as a little girl who lives with her parents and siblings and always feel ashamed about the situation of her family. Her parents always tell them that one day they will move to a new house where they’ll face no problem and live a peaceful life. But the parents couldn’t make it happen for their children. They aren’t rich enough to buy a good house which will have everything they dreamt about. After the problems at Loomis flat, they buy a new house at Mango Street. It’s better than the last one as they don’t have to pay the rent and to share the yard to anyone else. But it’s not the same as the parents always talked about. Now they have to share a bedroom and one restroom. But they don’t have any regret because at least they don’t have to show anyone their old paint house to anyone if ask where they live.

This story is small but it says a lot of things about the life style of that time period. People from middle class always struggle to get a better life. They always dream to eat better, live better. They don’t give up achieving their goal. The family from this story also doesn’t give up. They know what they want and what they dream for.


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