Reading Vs Writing

Reading and writing are the two basic elements of education. As I’m a student, I have a strong connection with them. I spend most of the study-hours in reading and writing my course materials. If you ask me which element comes first to me by importance? I would say that reading comes first. Because it is the base of learning. Reading makes us understand a new material. Without reading a new material, it is impossible to implement any idea about that material. Reading helps us to think and analyze the material and then it comes to the writing. Writing is important to memorize new thing for a long period of time. There is a scientific explanation that how writing helps our brain to store information for a long time. Researchers found that writing helps our memory cells to sketch the same idea inside our brain so we can hold this sketch for a long period of time and recall it anytime we want. In this modern world, a controversy is going on between writing and typing, is saying that close the lid of your laptop: writing helps you remember things better than typing. For a student it is very important to become a good reader as well as a writer. A good reader can write anything that will be always resourceful and acceptable and a writer also can do the same thing. I believe that a good writer is also a good reader and it is not vice versa. I’m developing my skills in my class of Literature as a good reader. I read my all study materials in daily basis and I also read magazines and newspaper if I get time. In this class, I’m learning how to write about literature. There is a lot of reading and writing materials which will help me to become a knowledgeable good reader and also a writer at the end of the semester for my future study life.


One thought on “Reading Vs Writing

  1. If reading is the bases of learning and is required to understand new material….. What did the first person to discover the new material read so that they could understand the ideas? I agree, reading is excellent for learning, but is not necessary. If you are a pioneer in your field, writing will help you formulate your own, new ideas….. Then, it will be your material that others read to gain understanding of new information.


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