Connection Between The Moral Instinct and the Killing of Kitty Genovese

The Moral Instinct and the Killing of Kitty Genovese are two different articles but there is an inter-relation in between them. Moral instinct is a natural factor of human being that we don’t need to learn in schools. It comes automatically into us. Our minds work along with morality. If we find anything immoral then we stop doing that thing. Killing someone is immoral. Kitty Genovese’s murder was immoral. Anyone with moral character cannot think or try to kill someone under any circumstances. Thinking or doing something harmful to others are opposite of morality. A person with moral character only can help people. People who attempts murder and other bad things, they are not normal people. They have some kind of mental disorders that create bad effects on their morality. When they kill someone they feel a brutal happiness in them. The killer of Genovese is one of them. He killed her without any reason. He killed her because he felt good by killing women. He killed two other women before her killing. There were a lot of people who witnessed her killing but didn’t do anything. A question came up after this incident, were those people also immoral who witnessed her murder and did nothing?

Steven Pinker wrote the article “The Moral Instinct” in a thoughtful way. He described about the morality with different types of examples. This article is full of information. He tried to explain what morality is and where is it come from and how we get this into us. As he asked, “which of the following people would you say is the most admirable: Mother Teresa, Bill Gates or Norman Borlaug?” I would say Mother Teresa because I know about her. I also know about Bill Gates but a little. But I don’t know about Borlaug. Now the same question is answered by a different person who knows about Bill Gates batter than mother Teresa. The person might say Bill Gates is the most admirable. So this is how it works. Different people have different point of views that makes everyone different from each other. Every people have their own moral concepts that they earn from the beginning of their childhood. If someone cries in front of a baby, that baby also cries. If a mother doesn’t feed her baby on time, then the baby cries. It happens because there is something inside our brain that is already preinstall like a program. Our brains have some default settings that work same on everybody. Like we all fear the death, we cry when we get hurt, we get nervous in certain situations like in exams or in front of doctors.

Michael Dorman wrote the article ‘the killing of Kitty Gennovese’ after 42 years of the incident. This was not the only one article about the killing. There were more than 100s of articles were written about her killing. This incident had a huge influence in the history of United States. In 1960s there were a lot of people were killed but Genevese’s killing was remembered until now. Because there was a lot of people witnessed the slaying of her but they did nothing. If someone called the police on the right time then Genovese might alive today. She was stabbed by her killer so many times and screamed for help but no one came outside to help her. It seems brutal for letting her die in a helpless situation. It’s easy to come up with a simple answer but if we look deeper in that situation we could find so many reasons for not helping her on that night. All people were questioned for the reasons why they didn’t help her out. Everyone had their answers and excuses. Their answers and excuses were satisfied under so many circumstances. But the question is still there. Were those people who didn’t help her on that day counted as guilty as same as the killer. There were a thousand of discussions about this question. Most of the discussions came up with some common answers. Most of them think that the people who witnessed Kitty Genovese’s murder, they were scared about involving with the incident and the killer might identify them later and take revenge. Some of them didn’t want to involve with police and court things. They thought it could pull some new problems in their life. Some of them thought it was a daily screaming that they heard every night from the streets, apartments and so on. Some of them were tired and in deep sleep that they didn’t notice anything about the incident.

We can describe her killing incident from different angles. There were a lot of same incidents happened almost every day. People screamed for help every night. If people make decisions with morality then everyone will choose the right one unless a dilemma presents there. If there is a moral dilemma presented, it will be hard to take any decision. In this kind of situations everyone get numb and hesitate to take any decision. It always depends on the type of the dilemma. Some are very easy to solve but some are very hard. Sometime it comes up with someone life or many people’s life. Sometime we take something is right under some certain circumstances. Then a group of people come up with some different circumstances that make us believe that was wrong. I think the people, who witnessed the incident, they were afraid of getting involved with the crime and the criminal. They were living in a same community but they didn’t know each other as well. Maybe there was no one who knew her personally. Maybe people were taking that incident as a regular incident that happened every night in some nearest apartments or streets and stopped after sometime. Maybe they didn’t realize she was dying. These were some common answers or excuses that those people made after her death.

Killing someone is a felony and the killer is guilty for this reason. Most of the time, there is nobody to increase their helping hands to protect the victim from the killer. Genovese’s killing was the same thing. People always have their answers or excuses but there was no one for her to help her out from that situation. So how we could say, they were right under any circumstances. There was no reason to keep themselves inside their home. They could come out and help her to protect her from the killer. If there was at least only one person came out on that day, they could save one life from a monster. So I can say that those people were immoral in that day. They let her die in front of their eyes. They had the abilities to stop the killing. The killer was alone in this time and there were a lot of people who witnessed the killing. It was very pathetic to think about that. If I was there I might saved her life. They could call police in that situation. I feel like they all were guilty for her killing.

So morality is the way that we make a decision between something good or bad and we always choose the good one. If we choose the bad one then it is immoral as like as the Genovese’s killer. People will always remember her killing for a symbol of Americans’ failure to get involved to protect someone’s life from a horrible death. If it happened in my country Bangladesh, she might still alive because we would never let it happen. Everyone would come out to help her and save her. They might catch the killer and call the police. It’s not only in my country but also almost every country people must come out to help her.


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